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Accesorii medicale chirurgie vasculara

Cateter central PICC

PERIPHERAL INSERTED CENTRAL CATHETER PICC This kind of catheter allows having: • Easier Venous access with minimal patient risk • Fewer complications than subclavian or

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Cateter Trombectomie

THROMBECTOMY CATHETERS Single Lumen   ISOMed single lumen thrombectomy catheters are made of a polyurethane tube ORX.The distal portion of the catheter has a balloon in

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Cateter Embolectomie

EMBOLECTOMY CATHETERS Single or Double Lumen   ISOMed Embolectomy Catheters – single or double lumen are made with X.R.O. PEBAX®. They are colour coded for

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Cateter de Ocluzie

OCCLUSION CATHETER Single Lumen     ISOMed Occlusion Catheters – single lumen are made with X.R.O. polyurethane. They are colour coded for easy identification. The

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Introducator venos standard

VENOUS INTRODUCER ISOMed Venous Introducers allow smooth catheter insertion and manipulation.The dilatator has long rounded tip for atraumatic insertion. The taper from the dilatator to

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