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Set paracenteza

Technical Characteristics:
– Waste bag with non-return valve and drainage tap.
– Available with waste bags of different capacities (2, 5, 8, 12 lt).
– Available with different sets of needles: trio of needles of different lenghts (55/80 mm), I.V. cannula with atraumatic tip, Veress needle, Angiocath needle.
– Connection tubes provided with 3-way stopcock.
– Different types of bags available.
– Sterilized by ETO, shelf life 5 years.

 Every Kit comes with a standard of:
– connection with 3-way stopcock
– 60ml syringe

It is then possible to custmize the product with the following components:
– Waste bags of different capacity: 2 lt, 5 lt, 8 lt, 12 lt
– Needle sets:
• Trio of 55mm needles (14G, 16G, 19G)
• Trio of 80mm needles (14G, 16G, 19G)
• Veress Needle (15G, 100mm)
• I.V. Introducer needle (16G, 51mm)
• Angiocath needle (14G/16G, 133mm)

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